Ariel, Lorena G. fun at the pool FEMJOY HD Videos

Ariel, Lorena G FEMJOY Video - fun at the pool

When you first see them, they are walking up a path, heading away from the beach. There is a strong wind blowing. One is wearing a black bikini, the other, naked, has a light robe strung loosely around her body, though it barely covers anything. The wind blows her flaming red hair in her face. They approach the pool, feel the water with their feet, and giggle. Clearly, they are enjoying each other's company, as well as the thought that the camera is on them. Soon, they are rubbing water on themselves, and each other, and before you know it, full nudity has been achieved. There they are, glistening, white, perfect. Girls you would die for, completely revealed before you. As they lie down on the chairs, they begin to roll around and show you every angle of their hot young bodies. Slowly, their legs open. They touch themselves. They touch each other. They tease the camera. They are so turned on. And so are you.