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Katrin FEMJOY Video - the story of

Delicious, sensual, youthful, elegant, playful, erotic, adorable - these are just a few of the adjectives that will thrust themselves onto your mind when you see this incredible new video, starring the sexy young nymph, Katrin. She will totally win your heart, and maybe other parts of you too. The title of this new video is very revealing - it's called The Story of Katrin. And in that sense, it has a story to tell. No, we don't follow Katrin from the cradle to her 18th birthday, but we do get to see her discover the home in which the video is shot, turn shyly to the camera and then begin to feel herself opening up, and finally totally letting her guard down and giving us a view of every secret she has. In that sense, this is the story of Katrin and her coming out into the world of erotic videography. You can see, and feel, her opening up, gaining confidence, and using all her charms. This is an unbelievably cute young woman, and she shares it all with you. Every touch in this video is perfect, from Katrin's dainty red polka-dotted underwear and the way she pulls it up around her butt cheeks to the thick sweater she wears and finally pulls off, sniffing it as she wraps it around her face, to the way the videographer asks her if she has a secret to tell, and all Katrin can do is stare shyly at the camera, as if to say Am I not sharing enough secrets by being naked in front of the camera? A perfect erotic video starring a perfect young model that will ignite your fantasies in all the right ways.