Ksushha, Rimma Sense and Sensibility FEMJOY Videos

Ksushha, Rimma FEMJOY Video - Sense and Sensibility

Ksusha and Rimma are two models who have posed quite a bit together on our site. They both hail from Latvia, and they are both examples of the incredible beauty coming out of Eastern Europe these days. Neither of them are professional models, choosing only to pose for FEMJOY as they split their time between school and family and the desire to travel. But in all the many times these two models have been on a shoot together, nothing happened like happens in this video. We can call it kissing, but it's so much more than that. Who knows what came over them? It wasn't even at the suggestion of the videographer. But if you download this incredibly lush and sensual film, you will see two virginal maidens discovering a taste for teach other's tongues. It clearly takes them by surprise. And they clearly like it. And they are O so clearly happy to let us watch as they investigate to the fullest reaches of their desire. This is erotic film with the power to change your fantasies forever.