Rimma, Ksusha decadence FEMJOY HD Videos

Rimma, Ksusha FEMJOY Video - decadence

Their names are Rimma and Ksusha - two incredibly gorgeous young Russian models - and as any FEMJOY member knows by looking at their past photos and videos together, these girls like each other. A lot. Each likes the way the other looks, feels, and tastes. And when they get together, there are no limits. This is sensual girl love at its absolute hottest. It all starts, obviously enough, in a highly decadent setting. An incredible mansion in the Russian highlands is lit at night. Inside, two beauties in fine negligie sit lazily on a luxurious sofa. They are half naked, and by the time the camera gets rolling, they are already playing footsies and tickling each other. It can only get better from here. Soon, they're fully naked, rubbing round bare rumps, touching private crevices, licking and kissing, and generally getting very, very excited. All for your eyes only. Wow. It's good to be inside FEMJOY!