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Tea FEMJOY Video - good feelings

Tea is back, and she's better than ever. This video will take you places you haven't been in a while. Here's Tea, dressed like a French tea maid, strolling serenely through the sunlit dining room of a palacial country home. Barefoot, she prances shyly on her toes. Next, she sits down at the table, and soon her luscious small breasts are out of her dress, and she's rubbing and pulling at them. Clearly aroused, she stands and begins slipping off her clothing, touching herself all along. Tea is having the time of her life sharing her beauty with us. The camera follows her diligently as she exposes her every luscious secret. One would be hard-pressed to find a finer specimen of beauty. Firm, fresh, and free, Tea knows how to share the love. Come spend some quality time with Tea as she explores the erotic bond between viewer and viewed.